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Financial control services

Financial control encompass all the compliance procedures required by law to make sure your Limited (LTD) company is doing what it needs to comply with HMRC and Companies House regulations. The main three are the company annual accounts, corporation tax return, VAT returns and payroll. We put this all under Financial Control Services because as your partner in finance we are your outsourced finance department. We partner with your business, effectively becoming your internal finance department and helping you to navigate the complexities of HMRC, leaving you free to concentrate on making your business grow.

But this is just the compliance work you would expect from any accountancy practice, in reality we expect to be doing much more for you.
This is the Naylor Accountancy Way.

The Naylor Accountancy (NAS) Way

We want to make your life easier by giving you the right technology to help you. Once partnered with you we will get your business straight onto Xero, the world's best cloud accounting software in our opinion, along with Receipt Bank.
This is part of the Naylor Accountancy Tech Way.

We are often told by clients soon after partnering “I wish we had met you years ago. You have helped me understand my business, now I can see exactly how the it is doing whenever I wish.”
The Naylor Accountancy Way gives you control of your business.

The best thing any founder or business owner can do if they are serious about growing their business is to focus on what they are best at. We help business owners free up previously wasted hours by using our bookkeeping service All the benefits of real time information at your fingertips whenever you need to see it without the tedium of inputting the data.

Annual Accounts and the Corporation Tax Return

The Naylor Accountancy Way ensures that we start the annual accounts quickly so that we know your corporation tax return and any liabilities well before the deadline. You can then plan and budget well ahead for any payment that may be required. Before the year end we will have a discussion with you on what can be done to lower the corporation tax and generally advise a Corporation Tax Diagnostic to assist us in this process.

If you have or think you have been involved in Research and Development (R&D) work we can also look at this on your behalf with a view to either lowering your corporation tax bill or helping you make an R&D allowance claim.

VAT Returns

Our aim is to help your business claim back as much VAT as possible, and we will chase any missing invoices that might contain a VAT element that could be reclaimed and was missed. With the Naylor Accountancy VAT Way we ask you to help us to do the best job we can for you by acting quickly when we request purchase invoices from you. This will save you money and as your partner in finance we see this as our role and responsibility in helping to keep your business and taxes operating as efficiently as possible.


Having employees means you need to run payroll and ensure that everything related to doing so is reported to HMRC. All of the correct taxes and pensions must be paid, and don’t forget you also need pay your team. The Naylor Accountancy Payroll Way gives you peace of mind and means that all the employees have access to an online portal to securely view payslips and P60s You no longer need to worry about them coming to you for payslips or lost P60s.

We also have a local HR partner who can help with any employee issues that may arise. This service is proving to be increasingly important as employees are usually the most difficult management challenge in a business as well as being vital to it's client relationships, reputation and brand integrity. Trust us to help you get it right.

VAT Returns

Not just filing a bunch of numbers! Our 6 step approach to our client VAT Returns

Payroll: Fixed and Variable Salary Employees

If you have employees you will need to do payroll reporting to HMRC via RTI

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