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Do you want to build a successful tech or digital business without having to worry about finance, tax, cashflow etc? As a CEO or MD, you want to spend your time on developing your product and finding and supporting customers. Here’s how we help.

Typically, when we first meet, tech companies tell us they are:

  •  Overwhelmed by impossible demands from investors, customers and clients . They feel under extreme pressure and their time is not their own.
  •  Concerned that their idea or the client product they are working on is not going to pay off as predicted.
  •  Worried about delivering projects on time, on-budget and to specification.
  •  Troubled about having enough money in the bank to pay their staff.

These frustrations are common to all tech and digital companies, new and established. So how do you move forward?

Tax Relief for Tech Companies

Did you know that tech companies can claim up to 33p for every £1 spent on qualifying R&D activities (such as developing software) even if they are not yet making money?.

Tech Accountants transforming your business

We will help you to:

Take Back Control

By helping you to find the finance you need, automating your accounting processes and developing a practical business plan with clear measures, you will regain control.

You will be able to focus on winning more customers and clients and delivering quality results.

Gain Clear Vision

By working with us, you will get a clear path ahead. With predictable accomplishments, established budgets and managed expectations, you will regain your motivation, your vision and your purpose.

These are vital for you to realise your ambitious goals.

Be a Role Model

Do you want to inspire others? Be seen as a leading light? Give something back?

Most MDs and CEOs want to be seen as a leading tech entrepreneur. We help you to achieve this by giving you the business growth and free time you need to make an impact.

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So how do we as Tech Accountants help you achieve this?

In addition to doing your accounts, VAT returns and payroll, we free up your time allowing you to focus on the things that matter and give you a clear way forward by focusing on 3 areas:

Financial Control

Financial controls are vital for any business. They are important for investors, for lenders and for you. They allow you to relax and get on with running your business in the confidence that bills will be paid and everything is going in the right direction.

Financial controls include:
Budgeting- you need and must work to a budget Cashflow forecasts- know when money is coming and out Profit and loss forecasts- you and your investors must know these figures

Managing Money

From day one, it is important that you manage your money, otherwise it has a habit of evaporating. This includes bringing in the funding you need, reducing your costs and minimising your tax bill.

We will show you how to access grants and funding whether equity or debt. We’ll work with you to keep your costs down and make everything as efficient as possible which is something investors want to see. We will also minimise your tax bill and make full use of R&D tax claims.

Business Growth

Business growth does not happen by accident. It is the result of careful planning and using proven tactics such as setting and monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

We have the experience to give you the growth advice you need when you need it. We will prepare monthly management accounts and show you how to use these effectively. We will also work in partnership with you as your Financial Director guiding you to further growth.

3 Reasons to Choose NAS as Your Digital and Tech Accountants

1. Expertise

You can rest assured that we have the expertise you need to:

  •  Manage your finances
  •  Minimise your taxes
  •  Maximise your R&D tax credit claims
  •  Attract finance, funding and grants
  •  Grow your business using our virtual Financial Director offering

We will work hard alongside you to ensure your success.

2. Approach

We are not reactive accountants who just do your accounts. We adopt a proactive approach becoming your partner in finance.

Many of our clients comment on our friendliness and personability. We like to have fun and be ourselves and this is reflected both in the quality of our work and the strength of the relationships we enjoy with our clients.

3. Our Values

We live by our values. They set us apart from other accountants and determine if we are a good fit with a potential client. We value:

  •  Integrity
  •  Care
  •  Having fun
  •  Accountability
  •  Responsibility
  •  Growth
  •  Excellence
  • Do any of these resonate with your values? If so, then let's arrange a no-obligation discovery call today.

Why Do Digital and Tech Companies Need a Specialist Accountant?

London, Kent and the South East are among the best places in the UK to start and run a tech company. The city attracts the entrepreneurs, talent and finance they need.

Running a tech company comes with many challenges. A major one is building a team with the needed skill sets who can work together to bring your idea to fruition.

However, the biggest challenge, on which everything else hangs is finding finance and using it wisely. Tech companies are very different to many other start-up and scale-up businesses. They require a lot of time and investment to build and then market their product. You have a long period of lots of bills and no income. This is very different to, for example, a services firm, which can start making money with one skilled person from day one.

On the other hand, tech companies have the potential to make much more money, more quickly and more easily than a services firm. Their turnover and profitability can rise very quickly.

This makes it vital that they have financial advice and support. Potential funders need to see solid business plans and cashflow forecasts. Money must be carefully controlled and well spent. Tax must be minimised.

We have to experience to help take your tech firm from start-up to scale up and beyond. We do this by:

  •  Helping you to define your goals and develop business plans which can help to attract the right source of funding
  •  Developing your business growth strategy
  •  Minimising your tax bill by making the most of:
    •  Capital Allowances
    •  R&D tax credits- you can claim up to 33% of your research and development costs (e.g. for coding)
    •  Patent Box tax relief- it is sensible to protect your code through Intellectual Property. There is an additional benefit in that by commercialising your IP, you reduce your Corporation Tax to the lower rate of 10%.
  •  Advice on using investment tax reliefs such as the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)
  •  Support in finding grants and government backed programmes
  •  Producing your financial reports including cashflow forecasts, profit and loss statement
  •  Managing your accounts, tax returns, VAT and payroll
  • Interested? Let’s arrange an initial discovery call today.

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