Looking for Post COVID Growth?
We will help you to achieve your goals whether this is stabilising your agency or taking it to the next level.

Do you want to grow your agency without having to worry about finance, tax, cashflow etc? As a CEO, MD or business owner, you probably want to spend your time feeding your agency, growing and managing your team and ensuring your clients are happy..

We are the accountants for design and marketing agencies. We can help you with your usual accounting needs including minimising your business and personal tax bill; managing your bookkeeping and payroll and completing your accounts. But we can take you and your agency to the next level. Let me explain.

We can help you and your agency to move forward

Typically, when we first meet branding, PR or digital marketing agency owners they tell us they are:

  •  Working hard but not moving forward as fast as they want
  •  Spending too much time working in their business rather than on it
  •  Concerned they are not paying themselves as much as they would like while their competitors have plenty of money and free time

Common questions include:

  •  How do we compete in the midst of COVID when there are more agencies than ever chasing fewer clients with smaller budgets?
  •  How do we ensure we remain profitable?
  •  How can we better manage our expenditure?

R&D Tax Credits for Digital Agencies and Those Involved in Innovation

Did you know that companies can claim up to 33p for every £1 spent on qualifying R&D activities (such as developing software, working out new solutions etc.) even if they are not yet making money.

How You Benefit

In addition to doing your accounts, VAT returns and payroll, by using our virtual Financial Director service, you will be able to:

Take Back Control

Many agency owners feel that their business runs them more than they run their business. They want full control which means being able to monitor and adjust things as needed.

We put in place the measures and processes you need to take back control.

Find Freedom

Agency owners, MDs and CEOs all aspire to achieve financial and time freedom. This is simply having enough money and free time to be able to do and buy the things you want.

We will help you to pay yourself more, minimise your personal tax and have more free time.

Achieve Success

Most agency owners struggle to achieve the success and reputation they deserve. The problem is they get caught up with mundane business activities that add no value.

We will liberate you from the boring administration so you can set and achieve your goals.

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We Help Branding, Advertising, PR and Digital Marketing Agencies achieve this using

Vital Financial Controls

Financial controls are vital for any business. They allow you to relax and get on with running your business in the confidence that bills will be paid and everything is going in the right direction.

Financial controls include:

  •  Budgeting- you need and must work to a budget
  •  Cashflow forecasts- know when money is coming and out
  •  Profit and loss forecasts- you must know these figures

Monthly management accounts include all this information so you can make the right decisions.

Processes and Measures

Business processes are vital to produce predictable results which you can measure.

We are experts at automating business finance processes and putting in place the key measures you need to monitor your business.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide objective evidence that you are moving towards your goals, help you to make better decisions and allow you to track efficiency, quality and performance.

We will create a dashboard which displays these measures and puts you in the driving seat.

Business Planning for Growth

Business growth is the result of careful planning.

It is only viable after you have gained control of your finances and put in place processes and measures.

Growth comes from monitoring your KPIs and taking the actions that improve them. With a practical business plan, you can concentrate your efforts on finding profitable clients rather than chasing every prospect. You can focus on doing the things that make a difference.

You can spend your time on managing and growing your team and assisting projects were needed.

3 Reasons to Choose Naylor Accountancy Services as Your Agency Accountants

1. Expertise

We have spent years supporting agencies. Every industry is different and we know what makes the difference for agencies.

We have the experience you want to:

  •  Manage your finances
  •  Minimise your taxes
  •  Maximise your R&D tax credit claims – many agencies are unaware that they can take advantage of them
  •  Attract finance, funding and grants
  •  Grow your business

2. Approach

Digital, marketing and PR agencies are very proactive in supporting their clients.

However, most accountants are not. They typically do your accounts, tax returns and payroll when demanded.

Naylor Accountancy Services is proactive in ensuring your success We are your partners in finance.

Many of our clients comment on our enthusiasm, commitment and sense of fun.

3. Our Values

We are different to other accountants. This is reflected in our values which resonate strongly with agencies.

Our values are:

  •  Integrity
  •  Care
  •  Having fun
  •  Accountability
  •  Responsibility
  •  Growth
  •  Excellence

We will work hard alongside you to ensure your success.

Why do Branding, Advertising, PR and Digital Marketing Agencies need a specialist accountant?

London, Kent and the South East are very popular with Branding, Advertising, PR and Digital Marketing Agencies. The city attracts the successful companies and big names that they want to support. However, this means there is a lot of competition in the area.

A big challenge for digital and marketing agencies is attracting and retaining clients, especially with COVID slashing budgets. Over the past few years, the number of agencies has grown considerably and clients now have a range of options. Unfortunately, COVID has closed many businesses and shutdown whole industries. Agencies who had focused in sectors such as retail, leisure and events are now entering other industries increasing the amount of competition.

The best way to attract and retain clients is to offer them the quality and service they want at an attractive price, maintain relationships and never take them for granted. You need to stay out of price wars but you should be looking to maximise the value you offer your clients while making a good profit. This means doing things quicker without sacrificing quality.

We help you to do this by removing the distractions and automating your process allowing you to focus on your clients.

We will ensure that you understand your finances and where the profit is to be made.

We will help you to:

  •  Set your annual goals and quarterly targets and measure the progress
  •  Identify the services which are driving your profits. While agencies often obsess over turnover targets, it is far more important to focus on profit. You should work to identify loss making services and sub-contract these out
  •  Make your projects more efficient and more profitable. The team needs to be aware of how much time they should spend on a fixed price project to get the required results and still make a profit
  •  Optimising your business model. Many agencies work on billable hours but this is rapidly becoming less attractive as more and more clients expect deliverables and results against a fixed budget. We will help you to develop a way to maximise your billable hours or to estimate projects and work so you can move to a fixed cost model. Fixed cost models can be more profitable as they drive efficiencies which benefit you and your clients

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