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Xero is award-winning software developed specifically to help small businesses with their finances. With over 2 million subscribers, you know you are in safe hands.

We will set up your Xero accounting software so it is optimised for you and your business.

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How Xero Accounting Benefits You

Xero accounting software makes your finances:


You can save time, energy and focus by automating your finance processes.

We will set up Xero along with Receipt Bank to make it easy for you to get on with business.

Xero makes your life easier as everything is in one place! You will have real time information to make better decisions.

Easy to Understand

The Xero dashboard shows you everything you need to know in easily understood graphs and charts.

It allows you to stay on top of your cashflow, see your bank account and credit card information in one place, view outstanding invoices and track specific parts of your business.


Xero gives you the power of taking your business with you, giving you access to your finances remotely and in real time.

Xero allows you to manage your business from anywhere while giving you the peace of mind that your finances are securely stored in the cloud.

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Key Features of Xero

Produce Quotes

Quickly create professional online or PDF quotes that make an impact. Send them instantly from your phone or office computer.

Send Invoices

Xero’s invoicing software makes it quick and easy to invoice your clients from your phone or computer so you get paid quickly.

Accept Payments

Accept online invoice payments and get paid quicker by connecting to GoCardless, Stripe and others.

Pay Bills

Stay in control by tracking your bills and getting a clear view of accounts payable and your cash flow.

Track Projects

Store your quotes and keep track of time, costs and project profitability within Xero.


Look up a customer or supplier to see their history of sales, emails, invoices and payments as well as contact details.

Capture Data

Scan original documents and key data into Xero automatically.


Xero is your online filing system. Manage and share documents, receipts and bills safely from anywhere.

Manage Expenses

Make paying your employee expenses simple by capturing costs, submit, approve and pay claims.


Track your finances with accurate accounting reports, collaborate with your advisor online and use Xero forecasting.

Bank Reconciliation

Keep your financials in Xero up to date. Categorise your bank transactions each day using our suggested matches.

Bank Connections

Connect your bank to Xero and set up bank feeds. Transactions flow straight into Xero each business day.

Why Do Businesses Want a Xero Accountant?

Xero allows you to realise the many benefits of cloud accounting.

Xero Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting (also known as online accounting) performs the same functions as traditional software stored on your computer but instead it runs on servers and you access it over the internet.

Data is sent from you, via the internet, “into the cloud” where it is processed and stored and returned to you. All application functions are performed in the cloud, not on your desktop or smartphone.

Benefits include:

  •  Real-time overview of your current financial position.
  •  Multi-user access makes it easy to collaborate online with your team and advisors.
  •  Automatic updates free up your time.
  •  Everything is run online and backed up automatically.
  •  Updates are free and instantly available.
  •  Upfront business costs are greatly reduced.

Cloud accounting solutions, like Xero online, overcomes many of the problems associated with using traditional software including...

  •  No more out of date data
  •  No more e-mailing spreadsheets
  •  No synchronisation or multiple user access problems
  •  No need for costly backups or software upgrades

Why Choose Xero?

  •  Xero makes record keeping simple
  •  Xero provides a flexible business platform to meet your growing needs
  •  Xero offers plenty of features, reports, and integrations
  •  Xero supports unlimited users for every plan

Why Use Xero Certified Accountants?

Like any system, Xero has to be set up for your business. The first step is getting your Xero online accounting set up properly for you. Many businesses are not getting the most from Xero simply because Xero bookkeeping (a key part of Xero) has not be correctly configured for them. If you already use Xero, then take our FREE health check.

We use Xero certified bookkeepers. We are Xero certified accountants. We are your partners in finance and we’ll make sure you get the most from Xero.

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